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Search the most comprehensive collection of North American residential architecture firms at the homedesignernetwork.com. Find some of the most popular building designers and residential architects in the Unites States and Canada. In addition to this, you will also discover new building designers that probably would not appear anywhere else in your search across the internet. The architectural firms listed on this website specialize in stock house plans, custom home designs, whole house remodeling, home renovations, and home additions. Some will even provide small commercial design services.

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We feature some of the most talented residential designers, architects, and building designers in the stock house plans and home design industry. Search through hundreds of residential design professionals and pick the one that is right for you.

Searching for house plans on the web today will lead you to dozens of sites that have hundreds, or perhaps thousands of home plans and house designs to chose from. Our goal is to transform the way you shop for these products and services. Have you ever searched a home plan site and found a home design or house floor plans you like but did not know who the home designer was? Usually this information remains a mystery up until the point of your plan purchase and receiving them in the mail. HDN would like to give you access to that information up front and take the mystery out of your house plan shopping adventure. We offer the opportunity for residential designers and architects to promote their businesses and house related products in a unfiltered environment giving you, the customer, a chance to know the creator of your next set of house plans prior to purchasing. This is what make HDN so different from the many house plans websites on the internet today. Unlike other websites, HDN is not a search engine with thousands of stock house plans from dozens of home design professionals; rather, HDN is more of a database where you can search for house plans and home design services by browsing our growing collection of design firms.

There are thousands of house designers and residential architects in existence all across America. With the emergence of the world wide web, many designers have expanded their presence online. While many have experienced success, others have continued to be suppressed by the millions of web pages in reference to house plans and custom home designs. This misrepresentation denies you a chance to tap into hidden treasures of house plans and home design services available. Our mission is to give you a broader more robust choice when it comes to finding the right house plans or perhaps the right building designer or architect. The object is to connect you with the design professional, thereby creating a direct business to customer approach.

HDN is not a broker who sell house plans as a third party entity. In contrast, we actually promote and showcase design firms allowing you to search their businesses & products and in some cases introduce themselves to you. With HDN, you will be able to find a home designer right in your own state or search in other states. If you like what the business has to offer and would like to do business with a specific designer, you will have absolute freedom to do so without ever having to deal with a third party entity! Again, our mission is to connect you with the designer to create a seamless and hassle-free search experience the way you want it.

The difference between a Building Designer and an Architect

In the simpliest form, the difference is a legal one. To call yourself an "Architect", you must be registered in the state where you intend to practice architecture. The title "Building Designer" can be used by those who are not registered Architects, but operate in the business of designing house plans and light commercial buildings. There are some differences in education and state regulations between the professions but this has little difference to their work output.

Should I use a Building Designer or a Residential Architect to design my house plans?

This can depend on several important factors. Does your state require a licensed design professional to produce house plans? If not, then the only other major factors that remain are your budget for professional fees and matching the service you need with the right person who can ultimately get the job done. No matter if you choose a residential building designer or an architect, remember that qualifications do not guarantee quality. Ask to see previous examples of their work. Ask for references from previous customers. See if they have any qualifications and ask how long they’ve been designing custom homes and house plans. Find out if they are a member of an accredited body in the house design industry or professional organization. In other words, do your due diligence! In the end, the answer to these questions and more will help you determine what professional is the better option to design your home...the one you've always dreamed off.